Daily Tours

Price per Person: US$ 10.00

This tour takes you to visit the Uros floating islands on Lake Titicaca that allows you to appreciate these fantastic artificial islands built with Totora reeds, which are inhabited by Uros natives descendants from one of the oldest cultures discovered on the region of the andes…

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Price per Person: US$ 25.00

This tour to Titicaca offers you to visit native people who live on the Uros floating islands and Taquile island, and you will have the opportunity to learn about the customs and ancestral traditions of its inhabitants and relive a piece of the great history of the children of the Lake…

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Price per Person: US$ 20.00

This tour to Sillustani offers you to visit this magnificent archaeological site that houses immense cylindrical constructions dating from the Inca and Qolla period that were used as a funerary site. This place is located on a peninsula surrounded by a lagoon and stunning landscape…

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Price per Person: US$ 45.00

This tour Titicaca Uros, Amantani and Taquile islands is a unique experience that offers to visit and meet groups of natives living on the islands who share their culture, and their ancestral traditions. The visitor has the feeling of traveling through time, to relive a piece of the great culture of the Incas…

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Price per Person: US$ 50.00

This tour allows you to experience the culture of Uros natives, sleep on the floating island and participate in some activities of the natives such as sailing on a typical raft, fishing or harvesting reeds or learning some words in Aymara. Next day continue the trip to visit Taquile Island…

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Price per Person: US$ 125.00

Tour Tiahuanaco from Puno – Peru: This tour offers to visit places like the temple of fertility (Inca Uyo) in Chucuito, Inter-dimensional doorway of Aramu muru, Desaguadero (border with Bolivia) immigration procedure then continue the journey to Tiahuanaco and Puma Punku in Bolivia…

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