Uros Taquile islands 1 Day

Tour Titicaca Uros floating islands and Taquile 1 Day

Price per Person: US$ 25.00 Standart service

Price per Person: US$ 30.00 Speed boat

Price per Person: US$ 50.00 Vip service

Depart at 7:00am from Puno and finish at 4:00pm

This tour offers you to meet the native people that inhabit these islands of Lake Titicaca, and allow you to appreciate up close the customs and ancestral traditions of the natives. The visitor has the feeling of reliving the great history of the inhabitants who sail and build their islands on Lake Titicaca, taking advantage of the reeds that grow in the surroundings. The natives are very nice people who are willing to share and show their experiences of living on a floating island. Then continue the trip to Taquile Island, located in the extended part of the Lake, which offers breathtaking landscapes and the experience of the natives who maintain their traditional clothing and ancestral customs such as the skill of weaving. TOUR OPTIONS:

  • Personalized service with guided tour in private service and shared transportation US $ 50.00 per person
  • Tour in private service: (Request a quote based on the number of participants)
  • 7:10 am Pick up from your hotel in Puno and transfer to the main port Puno, where we board a motor boat.
  • Depart the motor boat to Uros floating islands (30min trip)
  • Arrival to the islands and meeting with the natives who share their ancestral experiences with us.
  • (Optional) opportunity to ride on the typical rafts on the crystalline waters of Titicaca.
  • After the visit to Uros island we continue the trip to Taquile Island (1: 30hrs trip).
  • Arrival to Taquile and walking tour ascending by the stone paths that lead to the village where we find wonderful landscapes and meet natives happy and proud of their weaving skills.
  • Lunch is offered at the home of natives.
  • Later we continue the walking tour along the island in the middle of landscapes and company of the inhabitants.
  • Finally we arrive at the port of the island to board our transport back to Puno.
  • 4:00 pm: arrival at the main port of Puno and transfer to the city center.
  • Pick up from your Hotel in Puno
  • Transfers from Hotel / Port / Hotel
  • Speed motor boat transportation with toilet facilities
  • Guided tour in group (English/Spanish)
  • Entrance tickets
  • Lunch in Taquile
  • Personal expenses or gratitudes
  • Optional: ride on reed raft at Uros island (US $ 3.00).

    We recommend this tour to people who walk regularly.


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